Please call 087 057 5900 to schedule your Transfer

Inter-Facility Cases

 We cover all IFT's from Advanced Life Support to Basic cases.

Authorization is required for IFT cases and our Dispatch center will be able to advise you on the authorization process depending on you medical scheme / private cover.

Home Transfers

Case where patients are transferred home will most likely not be covered by your medical scheme.

Immediate Medical has entered into agreements with certain schemes to cover their clients where is it medically justified (Post CVA / Stroke, Elderly who require assistance and others)

Call our Dispatch centre to clarify if your scheme will cover your case or receive a discounted rate for private patients / non-medical scheme covered patients.

Transfers can be facilitated nationally. Please call our dispatch centre for more details and pricing.

Short Distance – a short distance transfer is where a patient is transferred less than 100km

Long Distance – a long distance transfer is where a patient is transferred more than 100km